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 Simplify - Visit Chimp Eden.

The New Year is here, the holidays have sadly come to an end, the family have all gone home, the turkey is all eaten and all the desserts are starting to have their effects. But, fret not, we have something great in store for a quick weekend get away!

Welcome to Chimp Eden. Situated just 15 kilometers outside of Nelspruit, on the picturesque Umholti Nature Reserve. The Jane Goodall Institute is a chimpanzee sanctuary, homing chimps who have been misplaced from their natural homes in Africa. Being the only chimp sanctuary in South Africa, it is certainly something to see!

Chimpanzees are the closest relative to humans and are endangered, with the impending outcome of extinction in the next 10 – 20 years, should the current trends not be changed.

The sanctuary has rescued chimps who have been orphaned, survived the meat trade or have been rescued from terrible conditions in night clubs, circuses and even beach resorts. They now spend their days in beautiful enclosures, being cared for and fed.

Hop in one of our bakkies, cars, vans or even a truck if that’s your thing and get going to this great place!

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