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Tired of sitting at your desk all day? Ready to get up and get into the holiday? It's simple. All you have to do is rent an adventure with us this season!

Based in Nelspruit and Stellenbosch, we are basically in two of the greatest holiday destination hubs in South Africa. Did we mention our vehicles can also go across borders? How about Mozambique for the holiday?

Nelspruit is the perfect starting point to your holiday. Visit the Kruger or go really wild in the untouched landscape of Mozambique. Brave the 4 x 4 tracks with a more than capable bakkie, and include an adventure trailer to top it off.

Mozambique is full of exciting and challenging drives to get to your destination, making the drive a holiday in itself. Popular destinations include Ponta do Ouro, we suggest booking through Safari Now.

Or, if you want to really rough it out with the elephants, drive through the sandy dunes and tropical forest of Maputo Elephant Reserve as you make your way to one of the rustic yet remarkable camps in the park, or brave it all the way up to Santa Maria, the quiet fishing village which boasts luxury to laid-back accommodation.

No matter your vehicle need, we got you covered. Or should we say, driving. Its that simple. With so many places to see, we suggest you book your holiday early so that you don't miss out.

But first, book your vehicle with us.

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